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Name: Ndigaso Derrick
Position: Projects Coordinator
Address Kamuli district
Name: Mukaya Moses
Position: Executive Director
Address: Kamuli district
Name: Nanyonjo Shakirah
Position: Finance Director
Address; Kamuli district
Name:  Kikobye Marion
Position: General Secretary
Address: Kamuli district

I am Mukaya Moses, male, a graduate in business administration course and also acquired computer skills at the university. I am the Founder and the Executive Director of Fields of Hope for Orphans Uganda which started in the year 2019 and it was fully registered in the year 2021 as a Community Based Organization in Kamuli district.

I grew up in a very poor family which dealt in real poverty, whereby in my family of 12 people we could not access the required basic needs including food, education, clothing, medical care attention, shelter among others, we could access one meal a day and sometimes spending days and nights without food and later my father passed on and I grew up with a single mother who is called a widow. Due to the very hard and poor life that I went through God connected me to an individual, a good Samaritan man who took me up and sponsored me in feeding, clothing, education, medical care and other needs in that I was able to attain my education and I was awarded with a certificate as above. I then imagined about the poor situations my fellow children in several families in our communities were living. When I grew up I hard God’s calling over me asking me to form and register an orphanage through which I can reach the orphans, other vulnerable children, street children, vulnerable youths, single mothers and widows so that God can use me to be their advocate through which they can be connected to good Samaritans individuals, groups, organizations, churches and companies so that they can consider to sponsor, support and empower the target groups of people in our programs in Uganda.