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Sponsoring a child costs $:50 USD per month, this fee helps to provide food (3 meals a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner), clothing, education, medical care, shelter and other basic needs as well as helping a child to reach a dream.

As a new sponsor you will receive your child’s picture and personal story on an electronic card in approximately 10 days. After that you will have the opportunity to communicate with your child and share prayer requests, letters, and photos. Sponsoring a child will profoundly change the future for your child - and will change your own life in the process.

While we appreciate general donations of any amount, we also offer the opportunity for interested donors to sponsor
individual children. Your sponsorship donation will pay for school fees, daily school lunch, school uniforms, shoes, socks, learning materials, and medical care.
You may choose to donate to one of our major field operations, or to make a general "unearmarked" donation. These unearmarked donations are essential to enable us to help children in desperate need, but for whom it can be difficult to raise funds as their plight is no longer in the news.

In order for us to have a good accountability for the money please allocate your contribution correctly, please state clearly on the form  any of the following:

      public donation - unearmarked for general programmes.
      public donation - insert name of programme you wish to support, e.g. Education.

To keep administrative costs to a minimum, donations under 100 US dollars will only be acknowledged if you indicate this on the transfer form.

Fields of Hope for Orphans (FHO) is not a government agency, but depends on donations to carry out its work.

Pledge any amount that you can afford.  Specify the category (Primary, Secondary, Vocational, University).You will receive a photo and information about your student, as well as annual updates.

Join together with other individuals or
to sponsor a student at a higher level.  This
also a good option for a Sunday School
class, church group, or other organization.
We are thankful that most of our primary school students are currently being sponsored.  However, we have many secondary, vocational, and university students without individual sponsorship. Therefore, for the upper categories we are offering two new options: