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We focus on the following programs;
1.Child care program
In this program we do provide the best care to children such as food, clothing, education, medical care, shelter, mosquito nets, mattresses, shoes, beds, blankets among others.
2.Sponsor a child program
Sponsoring a child costs $:50 USD per month, this fee helps to provide food (3 meals a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner), clothing, education, medical care, shelter and other basic needs as well as helping a child to reach a dream.
3.Education program
This organization is planning to build education centers such as a kindergarten, a junior school, a primary school, a secondary school and a vocational training institute in order to provide quality and affordable education and impart practical life skills to children and vulnerable youths
4.International Volunteer program
It is free of charge to volunteer in our organization in several programs and activities such as teaching English, science, mathematics and culture,
community outreach, health camps, playing with children, showing love to children.

Accommodation: The organization can guide the interested volunteers to access the affordable guest rooms and motels where the volunteers can
spend the night times and resting.

Meals: Volunteers can feel free to enjoy the local meals together with the children at the orphanage, however volunteers are also free to prepare their
favorite meals at their guest houses or even accessing the nearby restaurants. However a volunteer can choose to sponsor a child or give a donation to
the organization but it is optional.
5.Agriculture program
The organization carries out agricultural activities like
crop growing, animal rearing, poultry and other activities
which can raise income, food production, for volunteer
placements and also use these agricultural activities to
serve as pilot projects through which the vulnerable
youths and women can learn the practical life skill which
can positively bring an impact in their lives.
6.Art and crafts
This organization helps to lift gifts and talents among the
children, youths and the women by providing the support
and materials to the registered groups of people who are
interested in the craft activities.
7.Health care program
The organization organizes health camps
to treat the sickly community members,
we need to get funders to support us build
a hospital through which we can provide
quality medical services.
8.Youths and women
empowerment program
The organization is targeting to empower
by giving start up financial capital to the
youths and women to help them start and
boost the income generating activities so
that they can be self-reliant.
9.Adopt a child program
In case you need to adopt a child or
children, we have the registered children in
this program ready to be placed in a family
which can raise him or her to live a better
and improved life and help him or her reach
a dream.
10.Sports program
The organization runs several sports
activities whereby we need to get sports
partners in order to provide training skills,
materials and coaching to the interested
children and the youths.
11.Community outreach
for development program
The organization staff conducts
community meetings with purposes of
teaching the community members several
skills such as poverty eradication,
prevention of diseases, financial literacy
skills among others.
12.Spiritual service
Children, youths, women and the entire
community need to know and accept God,
however we need to set up a church
through which the groups of people can
accept Jesus.
13.Project construction
The organization has it in plan to find for
resources in order to build the
orphanage/children’s home, schools,
health centers, sports center among
others, therefore we need to find for
potential donors and funders in order to
achieve this program.
14.Counselling and
This organization conducts meetings and
workshops through which we take time to
talk to the children, youths and women,
we guide and counsel these groups of