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Orphans, vulnerable children, street children, vulnerable youths, single mothers and widows.

1.To provide basic needs such as food, clothing, education, shelter and medical care to orphans, vulnerable children, street children, vulnerable
   single mothers and widows.

2.To set up best and improved social service centers such as schools, health centers, vocational training institutes, sports centers, orphanages,      
   churches among others in order to ensure improved social services to our target groups of people.

3.To empower the vulnerable youths, single mothers and widows by helping them start income generating activities as a way of ensuring self-
   food availability in homes and promotion of development in their families.

4.To set up general income generating activities to ensure sustainability plan of the programs and activities of the organization.

5.Organizing seminars for both children, youths and adults for guidance and counseling services.

6.To recruit international volunteers to provide voluntary services in several communities.

7.To find children sponsors in that they can reach and realize their dreams.
Organization Background

Fields of Hope for Orphans Uganda started by a group of Christians in the year 2019 and it was fully registered in the year 2021 as a Community Based Organization in Kamuli district. It was started after a thorough research made by our team in the communities which noticed that there are many vulnerable groups of people who are suffering and living a poor life such as orphans, needy children, street children, vulnerable youths, single mothers and widows. It is now considered our responsibility to avert the situation by creating a possible way of providing the required basics of life to them including enough food, clothing, medical care attention, education, shelter among others. We therefore need to appeal to individuals, groups of people, organizations, churches and companies to choose to become our partners, children sponsors, volunteers, donors and funders to join our team so that we can serve together to change the lives of the needy ones to a better and interesting life in Uganda. 

To have a positively changed community equipped with practical life skills which can help them eradicate poverty, ignorance, illiteracy and become self-reliant so as to live an improved life.
To be a resounding pillar of hope to the orphans, other helpless children, single mothers, widows and the vulnerable youths.